The three P's of helping shape our future performance

Our Inventions help change the world … Come and be a part of the change!

The Victrex character is a blend of…

  • “Imagine if every aeroplane you manufactured emitted 11 tonnes less CO2 per year. That’s more than two adult elephants weigh. It is what replacing just 100m of metal tubes with a lightweight polymeric solution can achieve. It’s just one of the ways we Shape Future Performance together with our customers.”

  • “Imagine knowing what you want from your future performance and career. And we help you get there. By anticipating and forecasting customer needs. Using our 35years’ experience with PEEK to advise and create value – as well as being able to supply, deliver and enable our own supplies – so we help you to help customers bridge the gap between today’s capabilities and the opportunities of tomorrow.“

  • “What if your product operated for twice as long without wearing out? How about double the pressure handling capability and three times the compressive strength? Those are the results our polymeric solutions are delivering in field. See how we can help shape your future performance.”